Apr. 5, 2022

Covert Narcissist's

What's a Covert Narcissist's

A Covert Narcissists' is one that can be fragile and get their feelings hurt when they are criticized about anything. They seem to be worried and stress out over concerns. Like relationships.

the covert narcissist will seem shy, reserved, and self-deprecating. They will compare and judge themselves against what other people have in terms of happiness, possessions, and relationships constantly.

Here are signs of a Covert Narcissist's

  1. An Outward Sense of Inferiority
They may let others' make important decisions for them. Because they report being indecisive and fear they may make a mistake.

They constantly compare themselves to others, they make even feel like don't measure up to other's standards. like friends, family and coworkers in specific areas.

2 Emotionally Fragile
Duet to unstable self-esteem they are very fragile and sensitive. If someone criticizes their work, or living life style or how they raise their children. The covert narcissists will respond with an extreme emotional reaction.

3 Highly Stressed and angry
The moods changes that come with a covert narcissist's will create discomfort. They will start feeling anxious and stressed out waiting for the next comment.

with them being stressed can build up anger issues, and aggressive behavior.

4 Chronically Envious

They are very jealous and envy of others. If a friend has a big house they will want something bigger and better. (like houses, cars, etc).

They will even be jealous of their own children, If a grandparent pays more attention to the grandchildren. A covert narcissists will be jealous and start discarding the children making them feel very low. By calling names and emotionally abuse them.

5 Self absorbed
Covert narcissists will manipulate you to do anything they want you to do. They will go as far as violence.
They will even slander your name on social media. And to friends and family.

They will also use others for their personal gain. when I say use others like family, friends, people in the court system.

Once a Covert narcissists starts using the court system for their personal gain. it can become very costly.

6 Lack of empathy

A covert narcissist does not care who they hurt. They don't have empathy.
They don't care about others, they only care about what others can do for them.