Apr. 3, 2022

A narcissists will go as far as doing criminal acts

When your dealing with a narcissists, and they are unable to get what they want. They will go as far as doing criminal acts. Here are examples of what they will do

  1. Claim that you did domestic violence on them.
  2. Make false police reports
  3. File court documents in the courts to claim that you stole their belongings.
  4. They will even make fake warrants out for your arrest. and file through the courts. (yes , I said fake warrants) unbelievable.
  5. They will go as far as a smear campaign on social media

When I say they claim domestic violence, they will start fights with you on purpose and push the right buttons, Until you go off on them. then they will call the police and claim you are doing domestic violence and play the victim.

They will go as far as going down to the police station to file a false police report.

They will even go as far as finding apps on the internet to make fake warrants. and file them through the courts or go to a domestic violence coordinator for them to write a letter to the courts. Even if you don't live in the same state. This has happened to my daughter and now she is learning about narcissists and how they work.

They commit crimes and blame you for what they have done.

If you are going through this do not fall for their make believe fantasy world.

Report them to the courts and report them to police.

Ask the courts what you can do to file a restraining order or no contact order. Also ask the courts what you can file to have this stopped immediately.

A narcissists will use the courts to continue to abuse you. Even though it's not physically or emotionally.

They will financially abuse you.

The courts can actually limit on what they can file. And tell them they will have to pay your attorney fee before they file anything in.

Do not become a victim of narcissistic abuse.