Jun. 9, 2021

Going to court with my daughter's narcissist's

So we went to Denver on May 29th 2021, And my daughter had court on June 1st, 2021. We decided to go early because I told my daughter we should go a little early so we can go see somethings we have not seen before and make it a mom and daughter vacation/court.

So we flew to Denver May 29,2021 and got there around 10:30 am got the rental car, grabbed lunch and then we had to find our townhouse we was staying at for the 4 days we was going to be there. Once we got settled in and started relaxing.

Sunday we decided to go and have dinner at the Aquarium. Boy it rained all day long cold as heck and just plain miserable. We ended up going to Burlington to get us some warmer clothes because we brought shorts and tank tops.

So Monday came around and that's the day we had to prep for court on Tuesday. My daughter was so nervous. I told her stop being nervous and we finally got all her paper work copied so if the courts would take it we would have extra's.

I told her that extra copies would be good just in case we need to take this higher if the outcome was not good.

So Tuesday morning we got up got ready for court. And we arrived about 30 minutes early. You never want to be late for court. So we went through the security and got to the second floor.

There was a sign on the door with numbers. So I asked my daughter if she needed to call it and let them know she was here. As we was there sitting on the bench, Here comes her narcissist's. He was wearing jeans and old ragged button up shirt. His mother had jeans and pull over sweat shirt. His lawyer was with them at first I thought it was sister that was with them. She looked exactly like his sister.

Lucky the magistrates secretary came out and I asked her if we needed to sign in. She said no just come on and in and sit down. So we went in the court room and sat down. I wonder what went through the magistrate head when she saw him dressed sloppy and his mother too.

So court started around 9:52 a.m. just a little early. Which the clock on the wall was completely wrong it said 8:25am and the magistrate thought that was the time.

The magistrate asked the witnesses to sit outside while the parties discuss their situation. and so His mother and I went outside of the court room. While I was sitting there she was texting the whole time. And all you can hear is her phone beeping.

The next thing I knew a women officer came up and went in the court room. Of course my thinking was what's going on. So then two men officers came out. and I looked and thought where did they come from. So I just assumed his mother knows someone in the court house and asked for police to make it look like we was the bad guys.

So I kept sitting there and then his lawyer came out and asked his mother to go in the court room. And testify. So I kept sitting out there my phone completely turned off. The two men officers asked if I was with the case, I told them yes I am. So they walked in division 22 another court room saying something that an adult was in there. I was like who in the heck would be larking in a court room. This is insane. As I was sitting out there I was watching people walking by. I complimented one lady about her boots. Then when the women officer came out I asked her if it's lunch time yet. she smiled and said man I been ready for lunch since I got here. I just smiled and left it at that.

Then finally my daughter came and got me so I could testify on her behalf. I was really in shock because she said that she could not show her evidence. I looked at the magistrate and said ok where would you like me to start.

She just looked at me with this blank look on her face. I told them what happened in 2020 and how the kids was very happy here. And that the two little ones said their grandfather touched them in areas he should of never done. I even told her that I told the cps to get a investigator to my daughters house and then investigate the fathers home. But of course cps at the time told me that's not how Colorado works.

I have never been to court where you could not show evidence, I always thought you needed black and white evidence to prove your case. Not in Arapahoe District courts. They will not allow any evidence to be presented. They only hear a he/she said hearing. When his lawyer got up did her statement on how my daughter never complies with court orders, I was laughing so hard. Thank god I had a mask on. I could not believe what I was hearing. She has done nothing but comply with court orders.

Which in my opinion is very wrong. So the magistrate said she could not make a decision till she gets a second opinion from a supreme court judge. And that she was going by the court order on November 10th. Which states my daughter will not have supervised visitations with her children.

So later that day we emailed his lawyer asking when she can pick up the children. no response. then the next morning we messaged him on the parenting app. And he responded saying she was restricted. Now he knows that's not what the magistrate said. He never comply with court orders. He does what a narcissist's does and keeps interfering with her parenting time.

So of course we went to the court house put in and urgent pick up order. and filed it through the courts. So now we are waiting till July 6th to see what the outcome will be.

Narcissist's will only hear what they want. They don't have empathy for anyone and they only hear what they want to hear.

Don't let anyone treat you badly even in the court system. Speak out and let other's know how court system fail people. Especially in family courts