May. 25, 2021

Arapahoe district courts needs to be investigated

Arapahoe District courts needs discipline.

There are mom’s losing their children to abusers in Arapahoe district courts. I have literally found 4 articles about Arapahoe district court including my daughter situation,
Let me tell you, her story.
In 2016 she called me, telling me her boyfriend and his mom kicked her out of their house with her 3 girls. I told my daughter since you have them in the car to come back home to Arkansas. Well for some godly unreason her boyfriend told her to come by the house to get the title to the suburban. Well, she did. He took her two daughters and told her to take the baby.
So, she drove to her dad’s house, and then drove to Arkansas. He called her daily begging her to come back. She told him no and then he asked when she was coming for the other children. She told him on October 22,2016.
So, her and I drove to Colorado to pick up the children, we did not think to take clothes because we were just going to do a quick turnaround.
When we got to Colorado, he hid the kids out. And so, we went to the police and they did absolutely nothing. Mind you they were never married. She still carries her last name.
So, we ended up going to the Arapahoe district courts. And filled an emergency custody. The magistrate at the time signed the order and granted her custody of the children. We also went to the Arapahoe police department so they can serve him. Well, he hid out so he could not be served.
In December 2016 they made her take her 8-month-old baby back to Colorado. Which she was perfectly fine down here in Arkansas. She was fed well and happy here.
In 2017 she went to Colorado to see her children. Mind you she pays child support and does everything what the courts says.
2018 she tells the father that she needed to pick up the children early on May 25, 2018 due to it being Memorial Day weekend. And car rentals are extremely limited.
When she got to Colorado on May 25,2018, she messaged him through parenting app. Letting him know she was there at the police station to pick up the kids. Once again, he never showed up.
She ended up getting the Englewood police department to go with her to his house. He talks to the police and the police in Englewood told her she could not have her children. She had the court order and showed them the court order and they would not go by what the court order said.
2019 She flew to Colorado to pick up her children with her finance’ and they flew home. When the children got here. I looked at them told my daughter they did not look right. They were skinny and bones sticking out. Their skin was also yellow, they could barely stay awake when we went places.
So, I told my daughter she needed to take them to children’s hospital to see what is going on. The doctor came in and checked them they had a severe viral infection and pink eye. Her 3-year-old at the time had a severe UTI. Her 3-year-old was wearing an 18-month-old clothing and her 5-year-old was wearing a 2T and her 8-year-old was wearing 5t and her 6-year-old was wearing a 6t. The doctor told my daughter he must report it to cps up in Colorado. So, she agreed, he said their BMI was under 5% and it should not be under that. And they are severely underweight for their ages.
She put in an Emergency custody motion. It was denied she did this twice in the same week both was denied. She was trying to protect her children and they had a phone conference because the father said she was not letting him talk to the children which is a complete lie. He even called my phone to talk to the children. I even told him I was going to Las Vegas, so he had to call my daughter’s phone. Because I was not going to be home. He said ok.
When my daughter was telling Magistrate McGuire what was going on about the children, she did not want to hear it. My daughter tried staying patient, but it is hard to when no one will listen to your side of the story.
So again, she had to send her children back to the abuser. And mind you he lowered her parenting time to three weeks prior.
2020 when it was time for her parenting time, he got an emergency phone conference with the magistrate. And again, lowered her parenting time down to 3 weeks again. When she was supposed to have 10 weeks.
When they got back to Arkansas, I went to see my daughter and grandchildren. Her oldest son told me that this is the last time they will ever see us. I did not question it; I told my daughter what he said. And she asked him about it. And he said yes daddy said that this will be the last time we ever see you. So of course, we did not think too much about it.
The second week they were here. Her 6-year-old and 4-year-old was telling her that their grandfather was touching them in their private area. And they were scared to tell their dad. So, my daughter contacted their father asking him about it. And he never responded back. So, her 4-year-old said that it hurt went she went pee. And so, I told my daughter to go have them checked out.  So, she took them to children’s hospital. And when the doctor tried touching her 4-year-old she screamed and was kicking. And the doctor said that is not normal for a 4-year-old to do that.
I knew something was off with her 4-year-old because she seemed very unstable mentally and she would grind the couch prior to taking her to children’s. I even told my daughter there was something wrong with her. She would put her dolls in the freezer, and I asked her why she would do that. She said to get them cold. Never in my life seen a 4-year-old do that with dolls. Her 4-year-old would also talk to her dolls and say that they were bad. And hit them. She would hold my daughters 10-month-old baby down to where she could not move. My daughter would tell her to stop because she can hurt her baby.
My daughter asked her other three children about her 4-year-old grinding the couch and they said daddy already knows that she does it, and he tells her to stop.
Her 9-year-old son would tell my daughters 10-month-old baby that he wishes he could stab her to death.
The other two girls said that they are too scared to mention anything to their father. Due to him hitting them. That he makes them go get water and food for him. They also mentioned that the only thing they get to eat is macaroni and tomato sauce. Because they are limited on food.
So, my daughter put in emergency phone conference with the magistrate to let her know what was going on of course denied. Then she called the police. And they even told her that she needed to keep the kids with her until investigation was done.
Their father would call daily asking the kids if they missed him. He started being demanding and asking my daughter what her plans was. She asked him what he was talking about. He said nothing. And started demanding that the kids be always at her house. He even said that they were not allowed at my house. When he would call and the girls would be getting ready for bed and getting dress or in the shower, he would demand their 9-year-old son to take the phone in the bathroom to so he can talk to them. My daughter would say that she will have them call him back. He demanded to talk to them anyways.
Then on June 17,2020 two days before they had to go to the airport, he puts in abduction on her. Which I told her that they can not do that. She had the courts consent to take them out of state for her parenting time.  
June 19,2020 we were getting the kids ready for the airport. Magistrate now does a phone conference with fathers’ lawyer and with my daughter.  Mind you I am watching his flight on the southwest airlines app. Magistrate orders my daughter to get the children to the airport. And she is telling them she is getting them ready that he was not even at the airport yet. And his flight came in at 2:30 instead of 3pm. Of course, we were trying to feed the kids and make sure they had everything. And my daughter was trying to tell her what everything happened, and she did not want to hear it. She told my daughter that she is putting abduction on her and it will be in all 52 states.  My daughter is devasted and upset.
So, we get to the airport and go upset father is no where to be found. He tries setting her up again. And hides out in the airport.
On June 22,2020 they had mediation, and nothing gets resolved. Of course, I am flipping out because my daughter did nothing for them to put abduction on her. So, we call around and found a lawyer. So, he goes to Judge Michael Peterson and he grants the order that there is no evidence for supervised visitation. He hands the order back to the magistrate and tells her you have 7 days to get him in contempt.  She went against his orders and did nothing.  So, she gets a CFI, and the CFI goes against the judges’ orders also.
The CFI called me to ask me questions I told her that my daughter has a court order that was granted that she does not need supervised visitations. She tells me that it says supervised. I told her no to look it up. And of course, she made an excuse as well the snow must have her computer down. I told her everything what was going on. And she still puts supervised visitations on my daughter.
So, I started to investigate more about Colorado’s district courts. I have found 4 articles where they are taking children for sex trafficking, I knew something was going on. When I would ask questions, they would tell me I could not testify. Another little boy got killed by his father, when his mother said not to let him go to the father’s house for 1 last night. Another lady lost her daughter for over 10 years due to her father sexually molesting her. But they still give children to the abusers. A veteran lost her parental rights. And another mom her three children was getting molested by their father. And arrested her for going public.
Something must be done, about all this I also looked up how many children have died in the state of Colorado. Because cps does absolutely nothing.  4500 children died in 2017. This is ridiculous.
Moms are fighting for their children and no matter what lawyer you get they still do absolutely nothing.
I also found a article about the 1 million dollar cfi scam. They have going on in Colorado.